Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ah yeah, ye ol issue on marriage

I recently saw a post shared on Facebook regarding the Catholic Church's stance on marriage between infertile people. The title of the article pretty much says it all: "Infertile people can't marry says Catholic Church"

I had to click the link of course; I mean it's such a juicy title. I expected to read some religious bull**** that I'd hate enough for me to blog about it today. And yes I did blog about it today but had to do further research coz the writer of the article above didn't mention that the bishop was talking about same-sex marriage.
Still, I see a point in that writer's stand. By cutting down on details like whether or not the relationship is heterosexual or homosexual, we are able to look at the issue in a deeper level--

Whatever happened to plain old, no-frills love? So what if the relationship will not produce children? Can't they just adopt?

Anywhoo, adoption aside, let me just make clear the inaccuracies in the article before I continue to blab:
  • The Catholic Church has never said infertile people can't marry.
  • The Catholic Church does not teach that sex within the context of marriage is ONLY for procreation. Several circulars have been issued that make it clear the church recognizes the importance of the sexual act in unifying the partners, strengthening the bond of love. This is the reason why the church subscribes to the natural method of birth control.

But yeah well even if the church never said infertile people can't marry, they did say homosexual couples can't marry for that exact same reason. I'm amazed at how Archbishop Oscar Cruz declares this type of relationship a mortal sin.@_@

There are several discrepancies in the logic behind this stance on infertility. If the church won't allow homosexuals to marry (coz they're infertile and it's an "abomination"), might as well forbid the natural method as well. After all, during those days when the female is "safe", she is also officially infertile. Given that, sex between couples using the natural method should also be declared a mortal sin. Right?

And truth is, this stance makes me see humans in a lesser light. It pretty much delegates love between couples to an inferior position in the relationship: Inferior to one's sex and inferior to procreation. Oh, and this line:

“What is there that comes from marrying them? Nothing! They are two, they remain two, they die two.” ~Archbishop Cruz, CBCP

...Lots of things come from binding two loving people together = LOVE. When they die, no one can deny that there was LOVE. Having a child do not make two people one, they remain two unique individuals struggling to make sense of this harsh, hypercritical world. (Sorry for the cheesy sounding lines, just can't think of less cheesy synonyms)

Really, from what I see, looks like we're fucked.
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