Friday, January 13, 2012

BB Cream Again:D

Yep, despite doing such a rough sport as muay thai, I'm still a makeup addict at heart. Some things just don't change :)) I've always been excited by the sight of new BB creams in the market, though I've stopped going on shopping binges for the stuff coz I ended up having to give them away (else they'll expire in my closet).

Today, I wandered into this mall somewhere at Timog ave. I was with my mom and brother. I think the mall's name is Victoria Mall (Sounds like Victoria Court) and it's got the Robinsons logo, so yeah it's Gokongwei-owned. There was this tiny stall near the entrance. I thought it was one of those Avon stalls, but when I checked it out, all the goods were Korean brands--Missha, TFS and Skin 79. *GASP!*...SKIN 79!
Skin 79 is one of the higher-end cosmetic brands in South Korea. This was my brand when I was still studying there coz they made such high quality BB creams, and if you surf around Gmarket you can get them for up to 50% off. The Korean woman at the stall showed me the "Oriental Gold Plus BB Cream" and I didn't think twice I just said, "Ok, that one" because the packaging was so pretty. @_@ It was gold and shiny....Really, for someone who works in advertising, I'm such a sucker for good copy and nice packaging. In this case, it's just the packaging coz I couldn't understand much of the English copy written on the box hehe. For example, I don't get much out of this:
Patent ingredients of Oriental Tea Newplex and Peptatox Complex care skin to be sleek and firming by activating the original function of skin with Gold and Caviar Extracts and Oriental Sue Formula maintaining ideal condition of skin by keeping optimal skin balance and comfortably soothing skin internally and externally damaged.
But it's just so darned pretty. (Let's hope it makes me prettier, too LOL)

I know I'm supposed to do the product review research BEFORE buying, but I got too excited. I did the research after the damage to my wallet. In any case, this 40g bottle would most likely last me a year so I don't regret giving in to my impulse. It also has good reviews when I looked around. Already tried it out. Since I have an Oriental skin tone, the color fits me perfectly. It's also lightweight. I don't think I have to worry about clogged pores. Even the pink lip and cheek tint that comes with the cap is good, it glides on smoothly and is very sheer. Looks so natural on me it's like I'm wearing no make up. Ironic how I'm always on the look out for makeup that won't make me look like I'm wearing makeup.

This find made me so happy today....I almost forgot about that lump on my foot which I got from kicking someone's elbow during MT sparring the other day.
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