Sunday, August 5, 2012

Banned from KPMG Bldg, Makati

I dunno what happened this morning, but I think I look like some girl who did some (criminal?) bad stuff. It's been five months since i started working in Makati, and I always pass by KPMG Bldg. on my way to work because I buy milk tea from Tea Farm. So it's become a habit, and in fact the security guards in that building never seemed to mind, after all, there are restaurants on the first and second floors of that building.

But this morning, the guard stopped me and told me that he's warned me THREE TIMES about not being allowed to pass through KPMG Bldg. Excuse me? Three times? I wasn't even forbidden ONCE. So I'm not even allowed to buy my milk tea? The hell. He even told me they'd been tracking me and I've been disregarding their warnings...what??? I tried to explain to Mr. Guard that he's never told me I wasn't allowed to be in that building. But he kept insisting that I'm that person he's been warning several times. Whoever that person is, that's not me, Sir. (as if he'll read this O_O)

No more morning Tea Farm for me, I guess -_-
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