Sunday, July 22, 2012

Upcoming Appearance: Grasslimb Volume 10 Number 2

Horray! Received an acceptance letter today from Ms. Valerie Polichar, Editor of Grasslimb journal for my poem entitled "Deciduous." It is due out this August, 2012.

The first poem they published from me is entitled The Train Comes and it came out January this year. I do retain electronic rights for that poem, so here it goes:

The Train Comes

In the company of thoughts
I might be walking in two realities:
It's you leading me to the crepe stand
in the subway halls of Seoul.
You would buy me vanilla
but I can never guess
yours always different.

Back home, I’m in similar halls
the stench of decayed concrete
and the chill of early morning solitude.
These could be your halls, too.
But the train comes
crowd upon crowd
none of them you.

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