Thursday, July 19, 2012

There's such a thing as a foot rapist?

Wow, what's this world coming to? I've heard of foot fetishists, but rape? I dunno if I'll laugh or cry. The headlines read "Serial Foot Molester Nabbed at Georgia Walmart Posing as TV Prankster" and here's the video:

I once met some guys who had a certain preoccupation with feet. One of them stopped me while I was jogging, and asked me to take off my shoes so he could check the "brand," which was obviously New Balance because of the logo. I know it was a mistake, but back then there were people around and I was feeling safe since I was in my subdivision/village. The guy couldn't possibly be dangerous, plus my mind was like maybe I should just be polite. So I took my shoes off, but suddenly the guy wanted me to take off my socks. He was also vehement about it, kneeling down there as though he were worshipping my feet. O_O Now that's when I realized there's really something wrong going on, so I proceeded to take back my shoe and run away like there's no tomorrow.

To guys who like feet, control yourselves, please! There's a right time for everything. If you know what I mean. >.<
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