Sunday, April 29, 2012

Haiku and Tanka Project

This is my new craze: The tanka and the haiku. I revel at the challenge of being able to create multiple meanings within five or three lines, depending on the form I choose. I've always been such a talkative girl, writing talkative essays and fiction. But now that I've been writing poetry for a while, I decided I should step up and try out forms instead of my usual free verse. I was really attracted to the rhythmic, almost meditative quality of good haiku and tanka. I searched for journals dedicated to these forms so I can learn and study them more. I found several and was lucky enough to receive compli copies, first from "Kokako," New Zealand's twice yearly magazine of haiku, tanka, haibun and related poetry. I'd post a picture of it had I not crumpled and written on the pages while I was in the beach, enjoying the poems so much I was instantly inspired to write my own O_O

I also came upon a tanka publication called "GUSTS," edited by Kozue Uzawa. She also sent me a compli copy of the magazine, which is published in Canada. Beautiful cover! Just that my camera does it no justice. Plus I couldn't stop my hands from shaking coz of the asthma meds I drank tonight. It's been so hot lately I've been getting sick. Anyway, I'm enjoying the pieces a LOT. I can't wait to write again once my brain is fully functional from these asthma attacks, colds and splitting headaches.

On a not-so-related note, I managed to eat pad thai at last after craving it for months. Only for P80 I got this big plate of decent tasting noodles from the foodcourt :D

best enjoyed with literature about what else? Food :))

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