Saturday, July 10, 2010

Art's Spirit and Permanence

I thought perhaps I'd grown tired of drawing and painting, but I guess they're just a part of me. After leaving them behind for sports, and later on writing, I've come back to their open arms. Luckily, they've readily accepted me, for they haven't left me in a stream of amnesia where I couldn't even remember how to hold a paint brush anymore.

Sure, it felt awkward at first. I felt like I was going back to an old skin that I wasn't really ready to shed yet. There were lots of reasons why I stopped, all the while calling it a "hiatus." I was just really disillusioned, and by people I expected would support my craft. I've come to realize I no longer need their approval, not when I can earn my own money now to buy the stuff I need.

Some recent stuff I made are too large to scan, but I made this one entitled "Smoke Screen" while I was brainstorming in the office. Scribbling helps me clear my head, but I didn't want to waste my time (and ink and paper) making doodles when I could make actual pieces that are at least worth looking at.
Jason (aka Song) transferred this design onto a T-shirt for Design by Humans.
Great job really, those red accents made the work real fiery, what I had intended I just didn't have red ink and my Chinese brush with me (I think that's a bit too much to lug along in the office).
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