Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chronicles of the Hidden Thief

Silly, silly day. After a long day running around preparing my documents for employment, I got hungry. The most natural response of the body to stress. Hunger. Or simply craving.

I was looking for something good to eat, so after riding the MRT from Taft to Quezon Avenue, I went to the station mall called Centris. It's under SM, too, if I recall correctly (and I never do trust my memory). I went to the supermarket and saw a Merced Bakeshop. One thing immediately came to my mind:

Pineapple Pie

Merced, I presume, is really old since I remember my mom buying their dollop-sized egg pan de sal and chocolate beehive since I was around five. We'd dip the pan de sal in hot chocolate and be happy for the rest of the day. After a few months, though, the bakeshop started to become really rare. Now I find them only in small malls and hospital cafeterias like those in the Philippine Heart Center. I miss seeing my face smothered with their beehive's marshmallow icing!

Anyway, back to the pie, I gave the cashier lady a large bill so that I could break it into barya. I didn't want to commute without change since the Manongs almost always presume the change is their tip. However, the cashier lady said she was short on change and asked, "okay lang po ba kung kulang ng P1.50?"

Curtly, I said, "No, it's not okay."

Because it isn't! Couldn't she run to the other counters to get change? Yes, I was pretty pissed. I was hungry, okay? My mind is cloudy with vicious intent when I am. Well anyway, she didn't seem to plan on doing anything about it, so I told her to just cancel the order. Then I left.

 After a few seconds, I was back, because I left my cash! Silly me.

I decided to just go home, dejected at what happened. I took a cab, and when I was comfortably seated, I rummaged through my bag to check my wallet. And (oh, silly, silly me) guess what I found inside. See that there picture?

What the hell is that? Yes, yes, that's the pie!!
I forgot to return it! Yet I ate it, thrilled at my unintentional thievery. What an adventure.

I do plan on going back tomorrow to pay for the darned thing. I'm just having a good laugh now. I bet I can use this for a new story! 

I'm hoping I didn't put that cashier lady in trouble. O_o Ima apologize for it awright.

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