Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nick Joaquin Literary Awards 2015

It was a quiet night with good food---absolutely memorable artisan suman with fondue---and excellent wine.

Thanks Johanna Carissa Fernandez for letting me use this, forgot to take pics

We enjoyed the reading of excerpts of Nick Joaquin's "May Day Eve", performed by no other than the Literary Editor, Ms. Alma Anonas-Carpio.

Met and chatted with fellow writers about how we ended up in the advertising industry.... *moment of silence* har har!

Congratulations, winners! Ed Maranan (1st), Beting Laygo Dolor (2nd),Jenny Ortuoste (3rd) and Publisher's Choice Poet of the Year Jose Victor Penaranda.

I received special recognition for my story "Sage's Reckoning." THIS MADE MY YEAR, YOU KNOW. Also, more than happy to receive the  Manny O. Wines wine... first time I liked wine. It wasn't too strong.

I'm an excellent photographer.

I ramble. I'm writing again. I'm heading back home. The dry spell's over! :D
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