Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Poems Bumping in the Night

At Chrome Baby

Gingerbread(board) Baby  
In error 404 limbo
hell(o) to an.other
lonesome con[so(u)l]e the rest here

At Digital Papercut Literary Journal
The Benefit of Wounds 
A wall is carnal.
It desires to be cut.
Wounds add scars the rest here

A Philosophy of Chairs

The chair awaits untempered flesh
tenderness arguing with wooden inflexibility the rest here

At The Cadaverine

Worry Not for Luxuries 
rest assured, Love
I have seen us before,
I have seen us too often
but we are the same
don’t ask too much
of nature
it runs its course the rest here

Before the Bread is Gone 
Find reason to be kind.
Forget the rest here

At The Southeast Review
The Badjao Sisters' Wager

We made bets with the coins
in our lockless box—
Heads, you can’t
make us last
, they said,
while we chose tails—
We can go to college.

The coins never did stay
long enough,
not for a pair of slippers,
not for a notepad
not for a pen or a new shirt.

But we could always go back
out to sea on our lepa, dive deep
for precious trepang, and believe

that as the sales trickle in
we could glean the barren
reefs of our past, remember
to thank Omboh Dilaut
and not savings tossed
into a daily gamble. 
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