Saturday, August 23, 2014

Beauty Finds: The Body Shop Strawberry Beautifying Oil and L'Oreal Mythic Oil

I guess oils are becoming the in-thing these days, eh? At first, there was the virgin coconut oil craze. I'm still taking VCO now and then to help with my immune system. But the taste is just ugh. Then there's olive oil and argan oil...

Anyway, my hair's been dry and brittle ever since I started perming it. I don't like my stick-straight hair because I generally feel it's gotten boring. I tried the readily-available grocery brands like Cream Silk and Dove conditioners, but my hair's just been dead. I also felt guilty having to go get powerdose treatments in the Salon. They're busting my wallet. I went out to get something salon-strength instead, and the one I chose is L'Oreal Mythic Oil because I've heard so much about the miraculous argan oil. Short of being a miracle, my hair's back to it's pre-treatment shine after just three applications of the Mythic Oil masque. I use it at least once a week and that's enough. My curls tend to loosen when I've freshly applied this masque, but no worries since after a few shampoos, the curls get back to their old spunk.

Pros: Effective! Uber thick formula means a little goes a long way. Zero tangles and 80% less frizz. Makes hair shiny, too. Plus it smells great for hours.

Cons: Expensive! P1100 per jar depends on where you get it.

The next thing I tried, this time for my dry skin, is this thing called a beauty oil. Body butters are too icky and heavy for me so the one I have at home has just been lying there for months. (Maybe I should throw it out... but I dunno. I just got it for free).

I was choosing between The Body Shop's Moringa Beautifying Oil and the strawberry one. I was tempted to get moringa (malunggay) because I've seen it do wonders when I used Human Nature's astringent back then. However, I didn't like the sampaguita-like smell of the moringa oil, so strawberry ultimately won my heart. This oil is amazing! I don't know how oil can be NOT oily. It's not an emulsion so I assume this has some additives that make it lighter than its pure form.

Pros: Got it at 25% off. Smells sweetish but not overpowering. Easily absorbed (see pic) and multi-purpose. Can be used for body, face and hair. Not sticky at all!

Cons: None. This one's worth your time and money. Can't wait to try the other variants...except the moringa one. I can't stand floral scents.

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