Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Podium, at The Finger Magazine June 2013

The Podium

keep the silence and peace, earn your right to speak
cut off tongue and hands to offer up to the gods
and only then can you welcome yourself to our desert

begin from the bottom of the dunes,
look up to the great ark that locks away your gifts
in the abode of gods, whom you can curse
or you yourself become only if you dig deep
into the sands of their speech
find and keep every word, write and act as they do
if only with feet or whatever remains of you

once there was a girl who stole back her tongue
used it to speak words, rivaling the gods
yet what is one voice against a pantheon of hosts?
the gods tore out what she stole
tossed her back to the sands below

so save us your tears and put this to heart—
only the gods can decide
who will stay and who will climb
to the podium to claim prize of rightful limbs lost
make attempt of the rebel kind
and fall before you can ever rise
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