Saturday, November 9, 2013

Coughing, but got several goodies

What the, despite the vitamins, fruits and honey, I have a developed a cough. Sickly girl. Sickly girl, I am.

Maybe I'll try herbs next time. I sure am getting tired of this. Ever since I was a kid, I get a cold or a cough every month. Sucks!

Some goodies: Porky, my hedgehog is growing big. He's 400g now. Little fatty :3

I've also received my certificate for my modest success at the 2013 Basho Haiku Festival:

In terms of publishing, I have four, for which I'm thankful for the editors. Thank you for believing in my work.

Have one from Modern Haiku, for my poem "Today's Special." Haiku don't really have titles, but after writing more than a hundred, tracking them is driving me nuts. I first appeared in MH in their autumn 2013 issue. You can get a sampler of their excellent haiku here.

Also have one from Liquid Imagination. They invited me to record a reading as well, for my poem "Ace Hardware." Gonna have to oil my rusty reading skills! Ahem Ahem!

Third, Expanded Horizons will feature my poem "Molting Season" in January 2014 or February. Looking forward to that. Last time I appeared on their pages, I wrote fiction, which I'm pretty sparse in now.

Last but not the least, David Kopaska-Merkel, editor of Dreams & Nightmares wrote me this very kind acceptance letter:
"Three times she loved" is sweet and poignant: how I wish I thought it a speculative poem! Actually, I like all of these, but want to buy "The visitor" for DN 97 (January, 2014)... 
Thanks so much, everyone. I should recover from the curse of colds soon with all these good news.
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