Monday, January 11, 2010

Book Buys from Books for Less

Yey, new books, but of course it's not like I have time to read them yet.

1)"The Soprano Sorceress" by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.:
been reading him since high school. It's funny how he starts so slow, yet I stay with him anyway. The last one I read, "The Order War" was much slower than the "The Magic Engineer". There's world-building at the beginning of "The Order War", but it kinda feels like ramblings after a while. The protagonist, Justen, is mostly just doing the mundane, everyday things, including a long scene where he shares a meal with his brother Gunnar, and Krytela, some attractive woman. Anyhow, I did finish it, and it's pretty good. The magic comes out gradually, so much so you eventually get absorbed in it.

2)"The Rowan" by Anne McCaffrey:
I've read some of the Pern novels, "Moreta: The Dragonlady of Pern" is so-so. Can't remember the others now, still have this darned headache from flu!!! Maybe that's why I remembered the Moreta novel, it's about the flu HAHAHA

3) "The Good New Stuff" edited by Gardner Dozois, and anthology of adventure sci-fi (can't believe I got this for just 75 pesos)
Yeaaaaah, already read "Goodbye, Robinson Crusoe" by John Varley, interesting idea, not your usual 2nd childhood. "Swarm" by Bruce Sterling, loved it. "The Blabber" by Vernor Vinge (Nooot baaad at all!!!!!!!! didn't see that ending, plus there are gender implications, too), "The Blind Minotaur" by Michael Swanwick (I think I should re-read this; wasn't concentrating)...

Darn feel like my head's gonna blow.

Got this other offer for my book, but the contract doesn't look good. I'll have to continue looking. Oh my head; I'll dream of getting into places like Ace, Tor, Del Rey. . .zzzzzz
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